Wander one day on the large river Somme

Amazing waterway
Beautiful stretch of water

Take your picnic


This is a circuit on the river Somme between Saint-Quentin and Ham. If you have never gone canoeing, we strongly advise you to start with the "beginner" class (suitable for both adults and children with some conditions; see Appendix).

Picardie-canoe propose you a day trip on the Large River Somme. Several formulas available


A) In the Saint-Quentinois


1) Duration 3h00 to 3h30 on the river. You will be in good hands the morning (1h30 canoeing) and after a delicious picnic you will be able to head off and explore the Somme independently (2h00 canoeing in the afternoon

Duration 4:30 hours (3h00 to 3h30 on the water) Welcome at « val d’Omignon » 

2) Duration 4h00 to 4h30 on the river. This trip is recommended only for experienced persons for its duration and its greatest difficulties in access (e.g. crossing under the Somme’s  Canal). Sortie under conditions....

Read our terms for participation on the left

Duration 5h30 (4h00 to 4h30 on the water) Welcome at « val d’Omignon » 

Discount 10 % from 15 persons (except picnic) 


B) In the Somme  Valley’ average (with a canoeist)


Between Bray-sur-Somme and Chippilly (4h00 : 2h00 in the morning and 2h00 in the afternoon, without forgetting the picnic). Welcome at the Val d’Omignon at 9:00 am

Participation’s terms on the backside of the rental contract.



Please read the participation’s terms and conditions carefully, verso of the booking contract available on the left.



Tugny et pont Ham aisne
with your lunch
pinic Aisne outing
take your picnic


We can also propose you a typically Picard Picnic (only for groups from 10 persons). You can also bring your picnic and share it as in the ”Spannish Inn” formula.




If you would like to book a room in a B&B or try out some traditional Picard recipes, click on this link.      

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