Nature outings in the Hauts de France

Organization : Le Val Domignon/Picardie-canoe     Name of the guide : Hubert Wynands 33(0)699199547

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the nature outings : guided tours

1) The ponts of Barette : What the nature as more precious !

Theme: natural heritage. Difficulty: 3/5
Wetlands are very sensitive ecosystems, even when we make 30 hectares. The main threat is often indifference and sometimes ignorance. Modestly, I invite you to discover what nature has more fascinating. The canoe becomes, in this area, a pretext. Some indicators of the environment quality : the Cetti's warbler, the blue throat, the common tern, ....
Remember to book, nature has its constraints (number of dates limited = off nesting period).
Dates: July 20th, July 27th, August 17th, August 24th. Schedule: 14 H 00/17 H 00
Reservation: Val de Somme Tourist Office: 30, Place de la Republique 80800 Corbie.
Tel: 33 (0) 3 22 96 95 76
Duration of the visit: 3 hours including 2 hours on the water
Price: 22 € / adult and 15 € / child (between 12 and 16 years old)

2) Canoe trip on the Aisne river, the paradise of the Kingfisher

(in canoe on the Aisne)
Theme :Ornithology, fauna, flora, ... Difficulty: 3,5 / 5

(young children => guide agreement)
Date: 08 May and 18 July at 2 pm on reservation.

It is on this turquoise water that we sail to meet the kingfisher. We cross the paradise (locality, it's not a hazard) and observe the sandy banks of the river "Aisne" to see this Blue arrow (nickname of the bird). 

Example: other species : the Kingfisher, the common sandpiper,.....

Duration 3 h 30 (2 h 30 on the water, about 10 km on the water)
Price 28 € / pers and 15 € / child between 12 and 16 years                                 (rate group: contact us)

3) Nature outing from Bray-sur-Somme to Méricourt (80)

It's an incredible procession of ponds and marshs. It's just the landscapes that I meet. Will you stay indifferent?
Possible for groups from 15 people.
Duration 3 H 30 (2 H 30 on the water, about 10 km on the water)
Endemics species : the common sandpiper, the bleuethroat, the bittern, heron, ..
Price 22 € / adult and 12 € / child between 12 and 16 years (group rate: contact us).
Dates: Sunday, April 21, Tuesday, July 9, Thursday, August 15

4) Péronne :The water and history of the city (nature outing 9 km)

Theme: Heritage, history but with the sensitivity of a Nature guide. Difficulty: 3/5 (9 kms)  Date: Tuesday, July 23 th. Other possible dates for groups from 15 people.
I welcome you to the theatre of greenery. Some surprise guests, like the breastplate blackbird and thirty other species already listed, will constitute the orchestra. Fort Caraby, the Hardines, and the marshes of Halles are all witnesses who attest that you are well within the territory of the springs. Then, it is at the step of the drafts horses, in the old days, present along the canal of the Somme that we will evoke the history of the inland watter shipping. We will disembark on the English boulevard, highly symbolic, before joining the Museum of Mentalities (historial of the great war).                                                                                
Species met: the Pètasite, and for a few privileged: the corncrake,the white-rumped sandpiper     Duration 3 H 30 (hiking = 9 km on foot).