Exploring Péronne for people with the nature bug


Picardy Canoe would like to invite you to explore the Upper Somme and Péronne with a focus on nature. You will walk part of the way, and cross the "Étang de Robécourt" pond by canoe. 

canoe Peronne
discover historial and nature in Peronne

Nature outing :
We'll have our heads in the clouds as we will talk about the weather here in Picardy, green land of inspiration and aspiration, and about the ubiquitous water that made Péronne into an impregnable town, "Urbs Nescia Vinci".
We will wander as the water takes us, hearing the lapping of the waves on the hull, smelling the perfumes of unexpected flowers, and listening to tasty anecdotes.
When we open up this window on the "Étang de Robécourt" pond, we will hear and see the local endemic fauna, and imagine how, over 10000 years ago, nature fashioned the landscape, and how humanity has put its stamp on it.
We will also bring to light, some themes, such as the “Hardines” gardens, the Somme channeled, the “Batellerie” (inland waterway shipping), which in those bygone days formed the fabric of society.
We'll disembark on the so-symbolic “Boulevard des Anglais”, and wrap up this pleasant tour by tasting a Picard beer, just pulled out of the basket.
Tour time: 3 hours. Difficulty: 5/10. Guide: Hubert Wynands.
Walking and canoeing tour price: €20/Adults, €12/ Children up to 16 years old (minimum 12 years old). 
To complete your weekend, you can stay on a campsite, in a "gîte" (B&B) in the area  or like ours at the “Val d’Omignon”.
It's a good idea to consult the Haute Somme Tourism Office, who can give you lots of suggestions!

N.B. that nature outing should be regarded as an evolving programme open to subsequent adjustments, especially for technical reasons, such as weather and participants.
Schedule: Reception at 2:30 pm, in Péronne, place André Audinot (next to the Tourist Office and opposite to the Historial (Lat: 49° 55′ 45″ N, Long: 2° 55′ 51″ E). Tours start at 2:30 pm and end at 5:30 pm.
Maximum of participants: 20, adults or children

Minimum of participants: 10, adults or children
Terms and conditions for participation and cancellation terms (annex on the left)




Think about car sharing !

To know availabilities and to book, contact directly Hubert Wynands on his mobile 


                         33.(0) or fixed line : 33.(0)


Pedestrian and canoe discovery 


B B C like also this wonderful reservoir of biodiversity and this exceptional biological corridor


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