guided tour in canoe

I suggest that we discover a Natura 2000 site, in the Somme Valley, at Bray-sur-Somme. Can some species scarcity make us aware of the livable spaces fragility ? I invite you to think about it together, because the lack of knowledge would be fatal for it (e.g. Great Egret, Night Heron, Bluethroats, Bittern, Marsh Harrier, some subaquatique plants,...). It is by canoe that we will wander, and those, by some privileged paths.

Duration : 3h00. Level 5/10. Your Guide : Hubert Wynands

Schedule :

Visit departure : welcome at 14h30, End at 17:30.

Maximum of participants: 20, adults or children

Minimum of participants: 10, adults or children

Meeting point : Bray sur Somme 80340the municipal camping site "le port"             (lat: 49° 93′ 72.44″ Nord Long: 002° 71′ 41.50″ Est) 

This program is flexible and scalable. It is therefore subject to change, specially for technical reasons, such as weather, ...  

Think about car sharing


To kow availabilities and to book, contact directly Hubert Wynands on his mobile                               33.(0) or fixed line : 33.(0)


Pedestrian and canoe discovery 



canoe hiking

Bray sur Somme


Bray-sur-Somme–Etinehem-Méricourt     (duration 3h00, including 2h00 canoeing, around 7 km). Meeting point at "le val d'Omignon" from 9h00 am




Day hiking available for 28 €/ adult, 12 €/child (between  12 and 16 years old).


We can also propose you a typically Picard Picnic (only for groups from 10 persons). You can also bring your picnic and share it as in the ”Spannish Inn” formula.

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