Adventure class


la Somme entre Tugny et pont et Ham
The Somme's river flow into the channel


Head off and explore  the river La Somme


It is a trip on the Large River La Somme between Saint Quentin and Ham (2h00 on the water). It is only recommended for more experienced persons (conditions in the Annex and the Beginners’ Class on the Omignon’s river for a first “canoe sortie”).



  Share this peacefulness time for 2 hours

Hiking between Saint Quentin and Ham
Break between Tugny et Pont and Ham



La Somme” runs over the Aisne and Somme, eponymous department, around 248 km long. It is not feasible everywhere, but you certainly have the privilege to discover this peaceful stream over 8km (canoe rental)



Few tips during the briefing will enable you a smooth approach. It is over water and without effort that you will participate in this adventure.


Read our terms for participation (canoes rental)

Duration: 2h00 on the water  (3h00 to 3h30 including time for welcome, briefing).

For other dates, please, contact us

Durée 3 hours (2 hours on the water) Welcome at « val d’Omignon » 


Discount 10 % from 15 persons (except picnic) 


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